Home Office Design Ideas Using Custom Cabinetry



With the pandemic forcing most office workers to work from home, this has resulted in makeshift work spaces that may not necessarily lead to great productivity. But working from home may become the norm for many people as companies realize the benefits of allowing remote work, both from the employer and the employee perspective.

Benefits of Working from Home

No doubt, there are many advantages to working from home. This includes:

  • Cost savings: Without the daily commute, you can save on gas, parking or public transit.

  • Time savings: With your office just a few steps away, you no longer have to wake up early to beat the rush hour traffic. And with this extra time, you can spend it with your loved ones rather than fighting fellow commuters on the road or train.

  • Health: From the elevator buttons to door handles, germs are everywhere in the office. Working from home eliminates the risk of getting sick. In addition, the time saved on commuting to work can be used for working out.

Ideas for Setting up a Proper Work Space in Your Home

Below, we’ve gathered photos of home office previous projects we’ve done to give you some ideas on setting up a more permanent work office space in your home. There are various factors to consider when setting up your home office, and a lot of it also depends on the available space in your current home. But the great thing about custom cabinet and work space solutions is that they can be built to fit perfectly in your current space. And with infinite design options available, it can be created as elaborate or as simple as your budget allows.

Home Office in Spare Room/Guest Room with Hidden Wall Bed

One of the best rooms to convert into a home office is the guest room. Given that most guest bedrooms are left empty aside from the occasional overnight guest, converting it into a home office/guest bedroom is the best solution. By adding a hidden wall bed, your home office can easily be turned into a guest room in under 60 seconds when you have overnight guests. Below are two examples of projects we’ve done, and depending on the size of your spare room, the office space can be a simple laptop stand or a full work station.

Home Office in Basement

The basement is one of the more popular places to put your home office as you can have the separation from the distractions at home. You also have a lot more space to design the home office setup that best suits your need.

Standalone Office Desks

Whether it’s in the basement or a spare room, some people may prefer to work on a more traditional office desk. Here are some examples of custom office desks we’ve built for our clients.

Work Space near Kitchen Area

If you don’t need a separate area for your home office, you could add some custom cabinetry to convert unused spaces within your home into a small work space. Here are examples of renovation projects we’ve done that included making best use of small spaces near the kitchen.

Work Space Embedded within Library Unit

When you need a lot of bookshelves or storage space, you can incorporate a work space in a library or shelving unit.

At Millo Closets and Custom Cabinetry, we have worked with many clients for over 15 years in designing and building custom cabinetry and home office solutions. Contact us for a free design consultation and we would be happy to work with your unique space requirements to create a home office that is intuitive and designed for the way you think.

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