Tips for Creating an Ideal Home Office That Inspires Productivity

Working from home has many advantages, including financial and time savings from not having to commute daily. To ensure continued productivity while working from home, it is best to setup a dedicated workspace to serve as your home office. To make your home office functional, comfortable and complementary to the rest of your house, there are a few tips that you should follow.

Ample Natural & Artificial Lighting

Natural lighting increases productivity and helps you stay focused. Choose a location that has a window and position your desk close to it to take advantage of the sunlight during the day. Add additional lighting for cloudy days, late night deadlines or to help cut down on eye strain.

Custom office furniture

Whether you have a dedicated room or just a sectioned off area for your office, custom office furniture can make your work experience much better. Trying to fit ready made desks and shelving into a space while keeping sockets, windows and doors accessible may be more difficult than you think. With made to measure furniture, you can create a workstation that fits perfect in your room or space and in the style that you choose. Click here for more ideas on custom built office furniture.

If your office is also a guest room, custom furniture is best to accommodate the two different purposes while keeping it professional yet welcoming.

Clearly separate work from home

If you have an extra room, converting a room into a home office is ideal. After a long day of work, you emerge from your office, close the door and signal the workday is done and immerse yourself into your home life. However, if there are no spare rooms, dedicate a hallway, a landing, a kitchen or under the stair’s nook as your work area. Make this the ‘office zone’ to differentiate work from home life.

  1. Install extra outlets and data ports

    • With everything requiring power and internet, extra outlets and data ports come in handy. If your job requires constant phone calls or online meetings, a dedicated phone line may be necessary, or you may consider upgrading your Internet speed.
  2. Extra monitors

    • Dedicate space for additional monitors. Sometimes you may find yourself participating in a video conference while fumbling through emails, messages from a communication platform and charts. During moments like that, extra screens will help by allowing you more screen space for each program.

With working from home becoming more common, a well-designed home office not only increases productivity but also your home value. Take account all the essentials you require to conduct your work efficiently and ‘nice to have’ items that will make your workday more comfortable. Invest in well made office furniture or custom make your workstation to maximize on space and usability. We recommend reading article Factors to Consider when Deciding Where and How to Setup your Home Office Setup to help you get started with setting up a new home office. At Millo’s Closets, we have been creating custom made workstations, transforming rooms and dedicated spaces into a professional and functional office. Contact us for more information or visit our gallery for our work.

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