What to Consider When Adding Closet Solutions

When you have items stuffed in boxes or hanging off your chair instead of neatly folded in the drawer or hung in a closet, it’s time for a closet make over. In order to build the perfect custom closet, there are a number of things to plan out. Below are some important pointers that will get you started on your journey to understanding what you consider as a “perfect closet solution”.

Purpose and needs
Determine what the closet is used for. There are many purposes for closets. Some are strictly to hold speciality items like linens, shoes, brooms etc. and some are for a variety of items. Whatever your needs are, jot down what types of closets you need. This will help with determining what closet organizers are required.
There are closets that are simple and some that are very elaborate. Your budget will define the complexity of your project.
The space you have will decide what you will be putting in. Whether it will be your dream walk in closet, complete with closet organizers for every item you can think of, or just adding custom wardrobes along the wall of your bedroom. Both options can be very tailored to your needs.
Shelves, drawers, shoe racks or clothes rods are things that will help keep your closet organized. Determine how much room you need for each equipment ahead of time. For example, how much drawer space you will need depends on how many items you have that requires it to be folded away. The number of shoe racks to be installed depends on the number of shoes you have.
Think of how you want the closet to look like. Do you want it to stand out or blend in to your home furnishings? If your closet requires a door, what type of door (sliding, hinged, mirror doors etc.) and what style of handles do you want? All these will add a personal touch to your home décor. Closets these days are not just closets but a personal expression of taste.
No matter what your budget is, what purpose the closet is to serve or how you want it to look like, these are things to be addressed when adding closet organizers and/or custom closets.

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